Jul 12, 2013

Border Edging & Dog Protection

For entertainment this week Dog A L'Orange decided to drag a bag of chicken manure all over the lawn and then pulled the hose to the middle of the garden - do you think he was trying to help me? He has also been digging up all the pebbles and weed mat from the side of the house yet again and putting holes into the garden beds.

So our Saturday morning was spent fixing up all Bailey's mess, Mr L'Orange after filling the holes and fixing the pebbles has coated everything in citronella oil in the hope this will dissuade our naughty puppy from doing this again.

When we first moved into the house we planted some mondo grass edging in one of the beds, this has grown really well over the last couple of years, so I thought I would replicate the effect in our main front bed.

Mondo edging in one of the established beds
I split the more tufty mondo grass that was growing in the wrong spots anyway and transferred the rooted grass to holes I'd dug in the new bed. I watered the new plantings in with plenty of seaweed solution and then surrounded them with mulch.

I'm aiming for this effect around the front beds
I've completed one large section and have two more to go before the entire bed is fully edged with mondo grass, I think it will look great when it becomes established and hopefully stop the lawn and weeds taking over the bed. 

This is the bed that is going to get the mondo grass edging treatment
I know winter is not typically the time to plant new cuttings but we have been getting such good rain and sunshine that I think the mondo grass stands a pretty good chance.

Mondo transplant complete - can you spot the mondo clumps?
Our bulbs are starting to pop up, I planted a bag of daffodils in April and we have some tulips I put in last year, all of which is quite exciting as winter seem less dull and foreboding in the garden when new things are springing up.

Some new bulbs - whoop whoop!

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