Apr 17, 2014

Last of the sunshine?

The clocks have gone back, there is most definitely a chill in the air as evening rolls in and I'm a little sad because I know the long cold winter will hit very soon.

So in the meantime, I am making the most of the sunshine and trying to get the garden looking its best for the last little while that we get to properly enjoy it.

On the fruit and veg front, we have some lovely cherry tomatoes growing and will be able to make some green tomato chutney again this year.

We just have to keep an eye on Dog A L'Orange who also has a penchant for cherry tomatoes so we try and pick them before he gets to them first. Despite being fenced off, he manages to get his nose through the gaps for the odd tomato bite when he feels peckish.

Our other success this year has been the raspberries which have been loving the rain and prove the perfect healthy snack whenever I am in the garden. Again Dog A L'Orange likes to join in and enjoys the odd raspberry or two when he thinks we aren't looking.

We only planted a couple of raspberry canes but they have spread with abandon, which means plenty of raspberries but a bit of a messy spot. Anyway will tidy that corner up when winter comes along.

Beautiful sunshine & lots of raspberry bush
Dog A L'Orange has been his usually naughty self and along with eating everything that we grow, he also decided to rip apart my very trendy wellies today because he got shut outside on his own for 30 minutes and decided to enact his revenge.

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