Apr 10, 2014

Millamolong Polo Carnival 2014

Sorry for the delay on this post, our trip to Melbourne and now Orange F.O.O.D Week have kept me away from the blog. 

Anyway, without further ado, here is a recap of our fantastic day out at Millamolong Polo on March 15th.

We love this event so much that we now just book in a tent every year to avoid disappointment. 

Me setting up our Primrose Tent

The view from our tent
The 2014 Millamolong Polo Carnival didn't disappoint with the day including a mix of fast action polo, entertaining polo on bikes along with the race between horse and car.

Despite the fact we have attended the polo for three years in a row now, we still haven't got a firm grasp on the rules, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Everyone just cheers whenever goal is scored and gets into the spirit, especially when the horses fly past.

We had a blast stomping the divets, enjoying the gorgeous country setting and indulging in plenty of good food and wine.

The very trendy VIP area

Beautifully themed
Our friends  Sarah & Doug joined us from Sydney and Sarah took some of these fabulous photos.

Sarah & Doug
Mr L'Orange and I spent the evening before preparing food for the big day, we made Isaraeli couscous salads, one with lemon chicken, apricots & almonds and the other with pumpkin, zucchini and chorizo.

The noodle boxes were a big hit and tasted delish (lucky, considering we had never made the recipe before) and all the brownies got polished off in record time!

We only managed to leave one course in the oven, luckily some other friends joining us saved the day and picked them up en route. Big thanks to Debs and John!

Doug's favourite wine

The prizes 

If our tent looked like this no one would be able to get up!

Rustic barrels

Another fantastic polo carnival at Millamolong - who is coming to the next one with us?

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