Jun 19, 2014

Italian Inspired Courtyard

Ever since our cabin was first build we thought it would be a great idea to create private courtyard in the spot where our old garage once stood, giving cabin guests a bit of privacy and creating another 'room' in our garden.

Things haven't exactly flourished in the Italian inspired courtyard thus far as Dog A L'Orange seemed more intent on digging up my freshly planted olive trees than letting them grow, you can read about the full episode here.

There were also a few teething issues with the screening Mr L'Orange put up and the fact it kept blowing down in the wind.

Allowing the grass to grow right next to the gravel in the courtyard was a serious error on our part and made cutting the grass and trying to do the edging around lots of rocks and pots particularly tricky.

All in all, the courtyard that we had in mind has not really eventuated....until now that is.

Mr L'Orange and I enjoyed the Queen's birthday long weekend digging out all the grass alongside the courtyard and turning the space into a garden bed instead. 

Dog A L'Orange was thrilled to get his paws and nose dirty in a bid to help us get out all the weeds and grass.

We have continued with our theme and have planted Italian lavender in the bed which we are going to let grown into a hedge.

I've also planted some oregano and lemon thyme which will hopefully grown in some of the narrow gaps around the edge or the courtyard and driveway.

Removing the weeds ready for the oregano and thyme
This time around Mr L'Orange has put down lawn guard and I need to follow up with thick layers of newspaper and then lots of mulch to keep out the incredibly annoying grass and weeds that we appear to be in constant battle with.

The finished courtyard effect - pretty nice eh?
We have purchased a chiminea to warm up the courtyard on chilly afternoons, who doesn't love a good bonfire? The idea is for us to get this into position this weekend and perhaps have an inaugural lighting whilst our friends are visiting from Sydney.

Last thing on the list is to get some furniture into the courtyard and a mini bbq so our cabin guests are fully equipped with everything they could need once summer comes around again (I can tell you that this is a serious distant memory at present).

Dog A L'Orange proud of his handiwork
I'll keep you posted on courtyard progress and if you have any ideas to help me channel the Italian vibe of this garden 'room' please let me know!

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