Jun 30, 2014

Winter Entertainment at Union Bank Wine Bar & Dining

When the weather gets cold in Orange, people tend to revert to three simple coping strategies:

1. Get baking and keep the house cosy with the oven permanently on. 
As my baking never seems to turn out properly I consistently skip this option, but I do like making soups.

2. Start a project - or even better finish one! 
All those boring tasks that involve sewing, sorting, cleaning or improving are perfect when it is wet and miserable. It really is amazing how much you can get done over a weekend when there is no sunshine to tempt you away from the task in hand. I have managed to make a couple of cushion covers for the cabin and I'm about to start a quilt - v.exciting I know!

3. Drink wine in front of the fire
This is the preferred option of Mr L'Orange and myself during winter, which can often feel like 6 months in Orange! 

Union Bank Wine Bar & Dining was the selected venue last week for a mid week 'pick me up.' 

Sally & I enjoying dim lighting & trendy ambience
New owners Nick Bacon & Tom Ward have transformed the Union Bank interior into a very trendy space with a good wine list ($38 for a nice bottle of Rose) and plenty of shared plate options.

Sadly there was no fire (what's going on UB Team?), however the shoe string fries and Well Mannered Sangiovese Rose (it is never too cold to drink Rose!) completely hit the spot. 

Loads of great local wines on offer
Live music is now a regular feature over the weekend and there are plenty of mid week specials to tempt you.

The courtyard for less chilly nights & herb garden

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