Jul 4, 2014

Garden Inspiration - Melbourne Garden & Flower Show

Earlier this year we went to the Melbourne Garden & Flower Show for a massive inspiration fix. We took Mr L'Orange's parents and had a great day of garden hints, tips, ideas & creativity.

Given the stark and bare winter season in our garden at the moment, I thought it would be really nice for us all to get in the mood and soak up a little bit of professional garden inspiration.

These are some pictures of a 'Garden Library', I would so love to have one of these in our garden all to myself, I think it would also be a lot cheaper & easier than some of our more ambitious reno projects.

This picture is to inspire us to try some espalier apple trees this spring.

Clearly someone else has been inspired by my blog post to paint up some old pots! Love how this is so simple but very striking.

A beautiful tranquil pond - completely amazing how the garden teams managed to set all this up in just a few days.

Outdoor bathroom? Yes please - how amazing does this look? Need to ensure you have good screening from the neighbours though!

One thing I have realised from the show, is how effective mass planting can be, especially when a very focussed colour palate is used. Take a look at this gorgeous garden of texture and colour.

Decisions, decisions - should I have a bath, relax n the lounger or have a go on the swing - this garden has you spoilt for choice!

So calm and peaceful, you can imagine every worry disappearing as soon as you enter this garden.

Some good use for old wellies!

Hanging baskets full of flowers always need so much water that I've found it hard to keep mine going through the middle of an Australian summer, but a succulent hanging basket lasts all year and can brighten up even the shadiest corner. 

I have a hanging basket at the ready and plenty of succulent cuttings I can use, just need a spare couple of hours. I'm going to put my finished creation right next to the front door, which allows visitors to see it when they arrive and I can gaze at it from the dining table - I better make a good one!

This was one of our favourite gardens because it was simple but super effective and we thought we actually might have a chance at recreating this water feature at home - watch this space!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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