Aug 6, 2014

Mudgee Readers Festival

Sorry it has been so long between posts! We have spiced up the winter hibernation period by taking a couple of mini breaks (to Mudgee and Sydney) and purchasing another house. 

The new pad on Sale St is needing some major renovations and we have the entire month of September blocked out for the Orange version of 'The Block.' You can prepare for some amusing stories of our DIY disasters, mishaps and near breakdown moments (I have a suspicion the ikea kitchen will be at the root of much of the angst).

Anyway, back to what is happening right now. I am pretty excited about heading to Mudgee (our favourite get away location) again this weekend to attend the Mudgee Readers Festival and hopefully some lovely wood fired pizza from Di Lusso.

In one of those once in a decade moments, earlier this year Mr L'Orange & I both managed to read and enjoy the same book; 'The Rosie Project,' by Graeme Simsion. We couldn't believe it when we discovered he would be speaking at the Mudgee Readers Festival and so we snapped up the $10 (yes you read correctly) tickets as quickly as we could.

Just as I was about to hand over my credit card I realised that Fiona MacFarlane author of 'The Night Guest' was also going to be in attendance, another book I greedily consumed earlier this year and loved. 

It is very rare for me to read two outstanding books in a 6 month period, so the fact that I have and the authors are turning up on the doorstep is a stroke of luck. I have to say, the Mudgee Readers Festival certainly has some pulling power and we are thrilled to be getting a bit of high brow culture out in the regional wilderness.

I have a feeling this could become another annual event for the L'Oranges and certainly gives winter a bit of warm up. If you have the opportunity to get to Mudgee this weekend, I highly recommend it! 

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  1. Hello - from a Readers Festival committee member - thank you for you kind words about our Festival. Didn't we all have so much fun - I hope you did too. And I hope that you were able to get to have a delicious pizza. We put on beautiful weather for you all :)
    Looking forward to seeing you next year!