Aug 29, 2014

The Big New Project

Always keen for a new project, Mr L'Orange and I decided in one of those rash moments to buy another property with plans to do a quick renovate and rent it out.

As usual, the plans went somewhat awry and we ended up purchasing a 2 bedroom house that was for sale just around the corner from our place but in need of a lot of work.

The fibro house (built in the 50's) didn't just need a bit of a facelift but tummy tuck, nose job, implants & lipo-suction! We need to do an entire overhaul of the kitchen, bathroom, floors, heating, walls, verandah and garden and we have given ourselves 4 weeks to do it! 

Our first task was to rip out the retro kitchen and pull up the vinyl floor covering so that the sanding guy could come in and start work roughing in the floors.

I took off cupboard doors whilst Mr L'Orange broke down the carcases and removed bench tops. I managed to get all the tiles off which I was pretty happy about and this was all done nice & quickly.

The old vinyl all came up and lovely wooden floor boards were discovered underneath, except in one third of the kitchen where we found particle board that will need to be replaced with floorboards.

Happy to see the vinyl was 'Made in Scotland'

The empty kitchen is ready for action and is filled with light all day and we think will look really lovely when it is finished in 2 weeks time. 

We are off to Sydney to pick up our IKEA kitchen tomorrow along with a truck full of furniture that Mr L'Orange has secured at some bargain prices - excellent work from hubby.

Lots of ugly crazy paving adorned the verandah, so I got busy with a crow bar and lifted it all off so we can lay some decking or tiles instead.

The ugliness in close up

Nice cleared verandah
We are removing the steel posts and replacing with timber to bring this 50's verandah up to date and hopefully get it looking a lot better, well it certainly can't look any worse.

Got to go and pick up our pressed tin panel splash backs, my fav thing we have purchased for the new house so far! But promise to give plenty more updates and pics over the week.

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