Sep 10, 2014

The Big New Project - Bedroom 1 Update

Sorry for the delay between posts LALO readers, the 'Big Project' certainly seems to be all consuming at the moment and to be honest the last thing I have been able to face is the computer when I get home.

Demolition continues as we rapidly fill the huge skip I ordered in just a day and only a couple of rooms stripped out. Luckily the skip man keeps giving me top renovation tips every time he comes to bring a fresh skip so it isn't all bad.

The previous owners were clearly very keen on storage and the built ins are massive and so well built that it is really difficult to take them apart! This wardrobe took Mr L'Orange days to split up as it was so solid - they knew how to build things back then.

Big into wall paper, the previous owners have an eclectic mix of wallpaper patterns all over the entire house! How easy is this going to be to take off, I'm wondering?

This is Bedroom 1 which has an add on and wall in the middle of the room - we decided the best thing was to take this out and open up the space.

Here is the room with the wall included and underneath you can see photos with the wall removed, helping to open up the room.

The new beam is in place and ready for plastering, the hole in the floor is also getting patched up before we re-carpet.

Here are a few more pictures of the area being transformed into a lovely big master bedroom.

We are really pleased with the finished results and can't wait to get the rest of the room finished off and ready.

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