Sep 17, 2014

The Big New Project - Bathroom Update

There is always one room that proves harder than all the rest combined and ours most definitely has to be the bathroom.

Lovely retro orange and black tiles with a blue bath were just a few of the charming features of this room. Not surprisingly we wanted them all to go and to add a toilet to this family sized bathroom.

Sadly, nobody resprays baths in Orange anymore so we had to rip out this cast iron one and replace it.

As we pulled out the existing bathroom and started to take off the tiles we kept finding more and more issues.

We discovered the tiles were concreted on to the wall so very hard to get off and then there was another layer of concrete behind them, combined with some chicken wire, more cement and asbestos sheeting.

Poor Mr L'Orange spent about 2 weeks trying to get all of the tiles off and managed to get through 2 hammer drills in the process.

The fun of removing the floor tiles!

After spending all this time removing tiles, we then realised the concoction of concrete and asbestos from behind the walls needed to be taken out so that the plumber could install new pipes into the walls. Time to call the experts for what we thought was going to be a costly nightmare asbestos removal job.

Luckily Central West Asbestos Removal came a few days later and organised to remove and bag all the waste for a very reasonable price. We breathed a huge sigh of relief as some of the quotes we were getting to do the same job were close to $3000!

More pictures to follow!

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