Sep 30, 2014

The Big New Project - The Kitchen

Original kitchen - very retro!
The kitchen was in desperate need for a makeover, the layout was fine but everything was pretty dated so we turned to IKEA for inspiration.

Stripped out kitchen

After lots of planning and many hours spent measuring, designing and working with the IKEA kitchen team we had drawings and were ready to go!

Mr L'Orange and I hired a truck and drove down to Sydney early one Saturday morning to go and pick up all our kitchen items.

We came back with enough boxes to fill an entire lounge and got to work putting the cabinet carcases together.

Putting together the cabinets was easier than I expected, Mr L'Orange and I had all the kitchen cabinets complete in just a few hours.

Me and our first completed cabinet

Cabinets ready for installation
New kitchen with new stone bench tops

Smart sink from IKEA and stone bench top

New gas hob also from IKEA

The recipe book nook - we love it! 
Fridge panels, pantry and overhead cupboard go in
The grand reveal of the kitchen is coming shortly, prepare yourself for pressed tin panels, lovely kitchen island and trendy handles!

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