Oct 30, 2014

Before & After - The Big New Project - Part 1

As some of my more astute reader's may have noticed, the renovation updates have decreased exponentially with the increased stress, exhaustion, delay and blow out costs of our 'Big New Project.'

Now that I have allowed my inner 'Property Ladder' renovator loose, I can officially announce that I seriously hate renovating and most certainly can't face doing it again any time soon. 

Blissfully unaware of the horrible 7 weeks ahead
Worryingly, Mr L'Orange quite enjoyed the epic renovation (even with the bathroom tile nightmare) and is busy trying to persuade me it will be easier next time and we should do it all over again with a new project! When I said, 'No,' he then said, 'Okay in 6 months.'

Our project that was supposed to be fairly simple and take 4 weeks ended up being very hard and took 7 weeks and lots of blood, sweat and tears. However it is now finished, looks fantastic and Mr L'Orange and I are still married - all of which are small miracles.

I am going to update you with more room by room posts of exactly what we did, but thought as a treat, we could just rush to the 'before and after pictures' to brighten up your week and mine!

So you can enjoy the next part to the full, grab yourself a cup of tea, sit down and take a look at what you can achieve in 7 weeks when you get up at 5am, do DIY on your lunch hour and finish working at 9pm each night!

Let's start with our favourite room in the house - the Sunroom.

Sunroom before the renovations
Light, bright & airy sunroom after the renovations

Sunroom - before
Sunroom - after. The retro curtains got to stay!
The kitchen was completed fairly early on in the renovation and now with all the finishing touches is looking fantastic.

Retro kitchen - before

Functional layout but totally ugly kitchen - before

Lovely and spacious

New kitchen - after

Pressed tin splash back - my favourite thing in the kitchen
Main Bedroom makeover, involved removing a wall, lots of wallpaper then replacing the windows and carpet but wow what a difference.

Main bedroom in all its wallpaper glory - before

Yet more wallpaper - before
Main bedroom with no wallpaper - after

Main bedroom with a little lounge - after

The front of the house has also had a dramatic overhaul so that we could bring things out of the 50's and a little more up to date.

Old verandah during demolition

Hideous crazy paving & verandah posts - before
New deck & verandah posts - after

New deck & windows - after
Get ready for the second instalment of 'before & after' pictures tomorrow! Hope you like the reveal so far, would love to get your comments.

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