Dec 11, 2014

Cherry Picking - Orange 2014

After all the fun of last year, we headed back to Cargo Road Wines at the very start of the cherry picking season in Orange so we could stock up before any more climatic issues could hit the region and potentially ruin the crop.

Due to all the hot weather we have been having, the season was a good couple of weeks ahead of last years, and the cherry trees were bearing up well despite the really heavy rains that came through during the week.

Fingers crossed we can still get cherries at Christmas! We had sort of planned to take all the visiting family members cherry picking over the festive period so we might need to re-think that one.

The cherries at Cargo Road Wines are huge and delicious, we had great fun picking with a few friends.

If you have never picked before, don't worry as it is very easy and James Sweetapple, the owner is happy to give you a lesson before you start. The most important thing is not letting any cherries fall on the ground, you want them in the bag or mouth only!

The darker the cherries - the sweeter the fruit, the trees are covered in cherries so you don't have to look very hard to quickly fill your bag.

Mr L'Orange did not feel my quality control was particularly good in comparison with his superior picking abilities.

Boxed and ready to eat
Friendly cherry dog on hand to help
The cherries cost a very reasonable $7 per kilo for extremely good fruit, plus you get to eat a few whilst you work so all in all a great deal.

You can now also buy fresh honey at Cargo Road Wines who have their own honey bee hives so you can see exactly where your honey is coming from.

After cherry picking we headed to the cellar door for a nice coffee and hot chocolate with friends. Definitely a lovely start to a Sunday and looking forward to more picking before Christmas!

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