Apr 3, 2011

Mayfield Garden

We decided to visit Mayfield Gardens in Oberon to see acres of designed gardens with Mr L'Orange's parents. It was a beautiful walk through some really stunning surroundings, especially when you consider it all started off as simple green paddock.

There were moments where things all seemed a bit ostentatious - how many obelisks can one have in a garden? The creators had gone to the trouble of building a chapel, temple, aviary (with no birds), water garden, Chinese pagoda, stone bridge and soon to be built - a grotto! 

Got some fantastic pics though and plenty of inspiraton for what we could try and do in our wee garden with our many boulders!

When we made it home, we were inspired to get a bonfire going and start tidying up the garden, with all the wood I've chopped from the trees. We managed to get all the branches and twigs cleared up, more grass planted and the Japanese Maple in the earth after a month of deliberating on where to place it.

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