May 11, 2011

A Day At The Polo

We headed out to the Millamolong Polo Carnival today for a spot of horse action in the beautiful countryside. Unfortunately our phone map sent us on the long route to get there, although the drive was stunning, it took ages and we made lots of wrong turns!

Just as we arrived, the polo match finished (so our luck) but we still got to see the horses strutting their stuff and better still the polo players doing much the same. We also saw the rather hilarious lolly drop which was supposed to be by helicopter but to ensure safety measures were complied with, the helicopter had to keep landing to dump the lollies.

None of the kids had a clue what was going on so were all running excitedly towards the helicopter blades - total mahem ensued with the event organisers and parents trying to grab all the kids. Whilst a serious situation, it was pretty amusing from the onlooker perspective.

Next up for enterntainment were all the horses galloping down the polo pitch and then racing a car over a course. Not too surprisingly, the car won but was all good fun to watch over a glass of bubbles and a beer.

The polo pitch was lined with tents where groups of friends could bring their picnic and drinks to watch the entertainment. We decided that we are definitely going to get a tent, a gang of friends and come earlier next year, the atmosphere was great. To make the event eve better, the sun was shining, there were blue skies as far as the eye could see and perfect autumn weather.

We got some striking pictures on the drive home, where we got lost just twice - more signs next year please organisers!

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