May 15, 2011

The Path At The End of the Garden

Mr L’Orange has now built a fabulous new path through the garden to our front door, so visitors can avoid getting their feet muddy when it rains. See this picture of his stone work master piece, utilising some old concrete pavers we found in the shed when we moved in. The whole project has taken just 3 months from start to finish – what a breeze!

If you are keen to create something as lovely yourself, here are a few hints and suggestions so you can build a path exactly the same way:

Don’t buy the correct amount of sand and cement on the first trip, it is far better to go back to Bunnings Warehouse three or even four times and get sand all over the car boot in the process.

*  Build in the dark, it makes leveling so much more fun and you can’t see if you mess it up.

Why stick to the path lines that have been dug and leveled, be adventurous and go off course into the wilderness of the garden.

*  Dried cement doesn’t come off later, but creates a unique finish for the pavers.

Despite some of his more dubious building texhniques, Mr L’Orange has managed to produce a lovely little thing that is functional and once it has had a chance to weather in, will look amazing. Good work Mr L’Orange.

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